Attic Restoration

Attic restoration is the series of activities that take place to remove any type of animal or bird infestation in an attic and restoring it to a usable state. The level of restoration required depends on the extent of infestation and damage to existing structures in the attic. Although some insurance covers may cover the cost of such restoration, the amount covered varies and is dependent on the specific case. But why should you restore your attic and where does a fall arrest system come in handy?

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Why restore the attic

When the attic is infested by animals, they leave behind fur and waste products. These provide a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that may cause diseases to human beings and domesticated animals. As such, by getting rid of them, you are protecting the health of the individuals who either live in the house or those who come into contact with it. In addition to this the waste products may attract other animals or birds into your attic making the situation worse.

Oil from animal fur and animal waste have the potential to damage the attic. Wood, which is very common in attics can be destroyed by oil or from chemicals found in animal urine. This threatens the structural integrity of the attic. Therefore, if not eliminated in time, you may have to seal off the attic or have it reconstructed which can be very expensive.

Depending on the animals that have infested your attic, there may be a security threat. Wild animals or pets that have been left in the street for too long have the potential to harm your family members. This makes your home dangerous especially for children, the elderly or people with special needs. These animals may find their way into the house and attack them when they least expect it.

What can attics be converted into

The attic can be remodeled into a cozy little room where children can play, host movie nights and sleep overs with their friends or just enjoy their story books from time to time. The attic can also be converted into a storage room for furniture or items that are rarely used in the house. Better still, it can be remodeled into a wine cellar especially for people who enjoy aged wine.

When it is large enough, the attic can be tuned into a bedroom for children. However, care should be taken to ensure that it is safe and not likely to be infested again before this can be done. Depending on the size, it can be converted to a living room or special family room where the whole family can relax, host friends and family members.

Safety during attic restoration

During the assessment and the conversion, certain measures must be taken to ensure that safety is maintained. First, you must ensure that you wear protective gear such as gloves, mask face, boots, cap or hat and long sleeved shirt. This prevents irritation that may result from matter left in the attic by these animals.

Given that you may not be sure about the integrity of the structure, always check where you are stepping. Ensure that you step where the structure seems strongest to prevent falls. Ensure that there are no protruding nails or screws beforehand to prevent injuries. It is also good to ensure that you have a flashlight to cover the areas where the electricity may not light well.

A safety harness or a fall arrest system may prevent a nasty fall during the restoration activities. While repairing the attack, ensure that you have a safety harness on at all times. Ladders must always be firmly locked in place before you use them to ascend or descend. A small shift may result in a dangerous fall.

While there are some things you can do on your own, attic restorations after animal infestation should be left to experts. It will cost more but it will enhance ensure the integrity of the building is protected and that safety is maintained.